Цвети (BLOOM)

The owner of "Bloom" asked me to create the brand identity for their floral textile business.

This project included logo design, brand guidelines and design of labels. 

They had a preference for a minimal emblem design with floral line-art elements added to it.


Lillyvintage focusses on the sales of luxury pre-owned fashion on Vinted, Ebay, etc...

The owner had a preference for watercolor designs and wanted to add a few floral elements to it.


It is the simplicity and boldness of the logo that makes the design eye-catching for potential customers.

Minimal logo's are instantly recognizeable and stand out in crowded places.

These designs are ideal for big and modern businesses.


Having a watercolor / handdrawn logo can really add a personal touch to your brand.

Ideal for small businesses or boutiques that want to give their brand a bit of a cozy design.