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Physical deliverables

Meaning, any item sold in our webshop.

Since our webshop is connected to the POD service "Printful", our shipping rates are as stated in their shipping policy.

This means that solely printful is resonsible for the shipment of items in our webshop.

Click here to check out their shipping rates and policies.

Non-physical deliverables

Meaning, electronic files for digital use or print by the client.

Examples: .PNG, .PDF, .JPEG, .PSD, .AI, .SVG, etc...


Studio Indivisual shall provide the Client with the deliverables according to what has been / will be stated in the Letter of Engagement. Studio Indivisual may receive feedback from the Client on ideas, sketches, unfinished and finished conept designs.


Acceptance of the deliverables

Deliverables shall be delivered via e-mail (unless stated differently in the Letter of Engagement) after the Client has accepted the finalized deliverable(s) with watermark, an invoice shall be sent to the Client. Studio Indivisual will only send the finalized deliverables without watermark once the invoice has been paid by the Client.

Once payment has been received, a clean deliverable shall be sent to the Client in the formats that have been mutually agreed upon by the Client and Studio Indivisual in the Letter of Engagement. If the deliverables are rejected by the Client, or the Client has not paid the invoices sent by Studio Indivisual within one month, the Client loses the right of personal and commercial use of any of the delivered work provided by Studio Indivisual.

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